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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Tragic accidents and terminal illnesses can’t be predicted, but you can ensure your family is provided for in the event of an untimely loss. Your life insurance policy can help cover your debts, funeral costs, save for your children’s college fund and more. Though the cost may sound daunting considering all it can cover, life insurance is affordable and can give your family peace of mind that is priceless—for you and them.

Types of Life Insurance Policies

  • Term life policies commonly cover for a term of 10 to 20 years. Premium costs generally increase as the insured ages. Some can be converted to a whole life policy when it is set to expire.
  • Whole life or universal life insurance provides coverage for the insured for the course of his or her life—no matter how long it is. One benefit of this type of policy is that it builds cash value that you may borrow against in times of need.

An Eversure Insurance professional can help answer any questions you have regarding the type of policy you need, the amount of coverage desired and naming your beneficiary. Count on our caring experts to assist you now to ensure your family is protected.

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