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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Having a health care plan is crucial to helping you stay healthy, as well as treating illnesses and accidents when they occur. But health plans can do even more than that. With a plan in place, you have protection against high medical costs, and you pay less for care before you meet your out of pocket expense.

Today there are many health care options available, but understanding what is covered, what you’ll pay and whether a plan meets your needs can be overwhelming. That’s where the professionals at Eversure Insurance come in. We work with many carriers who provide individual and group plans, as well as dental and vision.

These are the plans we currently write:

  • Individual Health Plans — Coverage purchased on your own instead of through an employer
  • Short-Term Medical — Provides protection for a limited time, usually to bridge the gap between longer-term plans
    • National General Insurance
    • Short-Term Major Medical
  • Dental/Vision — Helps reduce out-of-pocket costs related to routine appointments and unexpected treatments
    • Argus Dental & Vision
    • National General Insurance
    • VSP Vision Care
  • Group Healthcare — Coverage provided to members of a group, typically at a reduced cost per person
    • Aliera Healthcare
  • Group Employee Benefits — Provides coverage for benefits not covered by major medical insurance
    • Aflac

To understand what each plan covers, contact us today for more information.