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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Having a health care plan is crucial to helping you stay healthy, as well as treating illnesses and accidents when they occur. But health plans shouldn’t cost more than a monthly home mortgage payment.  With our plan in place, you are protected against high medical costs, out of network penalties , co-pays and high deductibles.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee:

We will not blast you with calls from salespeople. We realize you’re already overwhelmed, especially when you just want to find a solution to your problem: premiums that are just too expensive.

For maximum convenience and the most accurate quote possible, we’ll follow up to verify basic health information.  All calls will be made at a time agreed upon beforehand.

We currently write:

  • Individual Health Plans — Coverage purchased on your own instead of through an employer
  • Short-Term Medical — Provides protection for a limited time, usually to bridge the gap between longer-term plans
    • National General Insurance
    • Short-Term Major Medical
  • Dental/Vision — Helps reduce out-of-pocket costs related to routine appointments and unexpected treatments
    • Argus Dental & Vision
    • National General Insurance
    • VSP Vision Care
    • New Era Dental 
  • Group Healthcare — Coverage provided to members of a group, typically at a reduced cost per person
    • New Era Life & Health
  • Group Employee Benefits — Provides coverage for benefits not covered by major medical insurance

We offer Hospital Indemnity – Accident – Critical Illness – Specified Disease and more.

To understand what each plan covers, contact us to learn more:

Eversure Insurance – Health Division  (251)202-6531 /

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