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Our Team

Our Team

Tyler Horton

Tyler Horton – Owner / Principal

Tyler grew up watching his father at work manning an Allstate booth at Sears inside Mobile’s Bel-Air Mall in the late 1980’s.  Firsthand, he learned the power of insurance to help salvage lives devastated by house fire, car accident, or the unknown around the corner.  The older Horton’s work ethic and passion for his customers would take him to a house fire at night to help a client or to check in after storms.  Tyler grew to understand every policy has a face, a family and a story.

Growing up in Mobile, Tyler attended UMS-Wright Preparatory School and the University of South Alabama where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business  Management in 1998.  He spent five years with Allstate Insurance before joining his father as Owner/Principal with Eversure Insurance.  He and wife Ashley have three children.

The Horton work ethic means like his father, you’ll find him 24/7:  (251)767-4878.

Terry Horton

Terry Horton – Managing Principal

Terry  built his insurance career listening and building relationships. Nothing makes his day like hearing “thank you for taking the time – no one has explained that to me before.”

Born and raised in Mobile, Terry attended the University of Alabama and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business. In 1970, he began work with Allstate as a claims adjuster and began moving up the management track. That success however meant moving away from his first love – dealing personally with people. Terry opted to become an agent, leaving behind salary for commissions manning an Allstate booth at Sears in Mobile. Here he learned to listen to customers, recognize their pain points and find solutions.

Communicating those solutions with transparency and conviction became Terry’s hallmark, and he spent the next ten years building an agency on those principals.   As big companies drifted away from the customer’s welfare toward corporate profit, Terry became more committed to the value of an independent agent as advisor and client advocate.

When not calling personally to check in on a client, you’ll find Terry working in his yard or enjoying Eastern Shore, Alabama life with wife Anna, two children, four grandchildren and Baxter the dog.

He’s available 24/7/365:  (251)458-4529.

Gena Smith

Gena Smith – Senior Account Manager

I love living on the Eastern Shore with my husband Wade. We have one son, Jarrod, who attends UAB. Due to our empty nest syndrome we have a cat, Whickers, a fish, Bart and a miniature Australian Shepherd name Piper. Since I live close to the Gulf Shore, going to the beach is a must. I also love to draw, paint and go on mission trips with my church.  I enjoy the insurance business. Every day brings something new. My goal is to help as many people as possible protect their investments and their family from the disasters that life certainly brings upon us. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Please give me a call @ (251)214-0985.

Rebekah Cox

Rebekah Cox – Account Manager

I was born and raised in an agricultural hub of Northern California, met my amazing husband in college and we married in 2001. We raised our five kids in that same area, and after a lot of prayer, in 2017, we moved across the country to Baldwin County. These past years have seen hurricanes and outbreaks and all other kinds of interesting events, but I can assuredly say that there is no place I’d rather be than here.

Treating others as they would like to be treated is foundational in every relationship, whether it’s personal or professional. Starting my insurance career was an expansion of my previous years of customer service and an obvious next step in helping people. My goal has always been customer focused. Whether it’s a new home or car, a leaky roof or a damaged pool; I have worked to assist each customer during the selection of the best policy for them, the claims process, expected and unexpected changes to their lives and the next steps for their future.

Helping people understand insurance and how it can be of help to you and your family is something I enjoy doing. Life can be complicated and having someone help navigate the changes to life or the aftermath of an accident or disaster is a boon we all could benefit from. I look forward to being there for you and your family and helping you know with confidence that your family is protected.

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