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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

You’ve put a lot of care and effort into your antique or collector car, so it makes sense that you’d do the same with the insurance policy to protect it. Classic and collectible car insurance is designed to cover the car’s full value, unlike your regular car insurance.

With Eversure Insurance, specialized coverage is available for antique and classic cars, modified collector cars, reproductions, replicas, restorations and modern classic cars. A classic car is a car at least 10 years old of special historical interest. An antique is a car 25 years old or older.

Classic car insurance policies consider several personalized adjustments, such as the car’s collectible value and the miles it is driven each year. To be eligible for coverage, your classic car must be a limited-use vehicle. Your car must also be stored in a secured locked garage or structure, and carriers will require you maintain a “regular use” policy on a daily driver vehicle. Like your regular policy, your driving history will be considered.

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